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Our lawyers have working experience in various top corporate law firms and multi-national corporations.
We are part of and accustomed to achieving the company’s financial and business objectives within each of their unique corporate culture.
We are used to working within a legal framework and compliance environment in respect of areas like anti-bribery and corruption, competition law and trade sanctions compliance.

Kai-Lie Chen Attorneys



We are the legal business partner of choice to Corporate South Africa empowering and enabling clients to navigate confidently and comfortably in South Africa’s legal corporate environment in identifying and executing commercially optimal legal solutions.

Kai-Lie Chen Attorneys



For corporate South Africa, Kai-Lie Chen Attorneys Inc. is the “in-house” business legal partner ensuring tailor made legal solutions to achieve strategic and operational business objectives.

Kai-Lie Chen Attorneys

Client Benefits


We create optimal business solutions for our clients which over-ride pure legal advice.
We understand and support the various relationships between the client in working with their parent company, subsidiary company(ies) and/or affiliated company(ies) and provide seamless support between them.
Our clients benefit from the lessons learnt from our working experience with some of the top multi-national companies.

Kai-Lie Chen Attorneys

Modus Operandi


We determine client’s business interests as the foremost top priority in determining a legal solution.
We act proactively to minimize client’s exposure to client’s identified risks and/or legal risks that may have a negative corporate image.
We have an innate understanding of a company’s risks to anti-bribery and corruption, competition law and trade sanctions.

Kai-Lie Chen Attorneys



We are a proudly BBBEE Level 1 legal business partner to our clients.